24 december 2013

YENN was the first b&b to join the "regional products & producers' association" Straffe Streek - and we're still happy to support them

When YENN b&b started out in Spring 2009, there was this global ecological Conference in Copenhagen and I started thinking about my own ecological footprint and our USP.
- should I go for Fair trade products ?
- should I go for organic products ?
- how can I manage this small hospitality business with the best possible sustainable approach ?

That's when I approached & joined Straffe Streek Vlaams-Brabant:  a non-profit organisation supporting the marketing and branding of our own farm products, locally produced specialties, breads, chocolates, beers, coffees etc...

Apparently my request to join set a trend ... after YENN, so many other b&b's, restaurants, hotels joined in and Straffe Streek has been a succes.

I hope you enjoy this all at http://www.straffestreek.be/information.php and feel free to ask more about regional products when staying at YENN b&b.

Here you can read an article published in Flanders Today on the best of the Flanders provinces

To return to my initial questions about how to profile YENN in its own way AND limit my ecological footprint at the same time, I decided to go for a mixture of
- regional and local products
- bio-organic products
- fair trade products
added with home made breads & bakeries for the breakfast table.
I added to this my definite choice for green and sustainable cleaning products for maintenance of the rooms and linen.

We've had enthousiastic responses to this from our visitors.  Ask more about this when you visit.