8 november 2013

Glutenfree requests ? Piece of cake at YENN b&b

There are readymade bread baking mixtures available in specialty stores and supermarkets.
There are also glutenfree breads and sweets available in most of the quality supermarkets.

I like a challenge and tried my hand this week for this visitor with a glutenfree request.  We've had similar requests before, so it's not the first time for me.

On the picture below you see a collection of homemade sweet and savoury goodies:
(from left to right)

  • banana cake (see former blogpost, but this time glutenfree ;0))
  • crunchy brown bread with sunflowerseeds (bottom)
  • savoury black olive & olive oil roll (top)
  • savoury white roll sprinkled wit cumin seeds (top)
  • chunky sugar sweet roll topped with apple and cinamon (top)
  • apple cake

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